Automation solutions in the water and wastewater technic

• Pump monitoring and controlling
• Flow control and optimization
• Control of startup and shutdown process of plants
• Automatic alarm signal around the clock
• Automatic notification to the on-call service around the clock
• Transmission of messages, counting and measurements, commands and setpoints
• Monitoring of switching points, limits and levels
• Remote Control

To monitor and control automated equipment we use process control systems. Basic tasks of these systems are:

• Process data acquisition and interpretation
• Process visualization
• Process operation
• Alerting, logging, accounting

Other tasks from the responsibility of the operator are realized by some industry-specific or cross-industry enhancements.

The use of process control has the following objectives:

• Reduction in operating expenses
• Improved monitoring
• Improved operational analysis
• Compliance with the regulations of the countries
• Increase the operational reliability
• Compliance with the quality requirement

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